Monday, November 23, 2015

My Music Monday

Well, I think I called it on the first Monday of this month - who the hell wants to listen to shitty songs?

And again, 'shitty' is all relative, but when your hosts brand something as 'bad', you, the reader, are not really jonesing to click 'play'.  I can't blame you. Yet I'm committed to finishing out this month.

This month's Monday posts are my least visited - and I'm guessing I know why.

So I will try to make it a little more palatable this week.

I really like the Cardigans. Their first albums weren't all that. They didn't really find their groove until Gran Turismo. I won't pick on those earlier albums, as I figure the band was finding their way. But as much as I do like them, they're not perfect.

On their 2003 release, Long Gone Before Daylight, they had a song called "And Then You Kissed Me". It's a song of love and / or violence. It works on different levels. Or I guess it can. For however one takes it, I really like the song.

On their follow-up album, Super Extra Gravity, they had sequel, "And Then You Kissed Me II"  No. I kid you not.

I'm less fond of this song. The arrangement is much more sparse, which makes it sound greyer, bleaker. And the topic is less ambiguous. I can't see it being about anything but domestic violence. I guess I could be wrong.

So for fun (?) I'll put the both songs up here....and they are to be listened to in order.....assuming you click 'play'.


Anonymous said...

I like the first one Blobby. Let's think it's about love. It's nicer that way.

GregM said...

Are you a fan of Natalie Merchant? She re-recorded her entire album, Tigerlily, 20 years after the first. Interesting concept.