Tuesday, September 29, 2015

the Spoils of the Spoiled

I have to give credit where credit is due.

Magic Mike XXS (not a typo......well, I'm assuming) came through with his end of the wager, and while I made fun that I was getting cookies from an outlet mall consignment shoppe, I knew while his sense of humour wouldn't be beyond that, his ego would.

And I do say that in all niceness.  Honest.   Well, maybe not the "XXS" comment. That wasn't very nice now, was it?

First off, he endured the indignity of going into a branch of the USPS {oh, the horror!!!} - which is a real test of friendship. Then the man Priority Mailed the cookies.

Now the image below is where he makes it really difficult to be super-nice - which of course, I normally am!

The word(s) "supergay" might have slipped from my brain, past my lips and then to the keyboard of my iPhone. I mean, I am positive he had been saving this box from his Eau de Parfum manly cologne collection for months now.

Or - and this is just an 'or' - he was baiting me to say something and actually went out of his way to find a box like this to see what I would do or say. Though if this the case, it was a lot of effort as he knew exactly what I'd do and / or  say.

Mr. Mike (or Magic, as he allegedly likes to be called) did indeed ask me what type of cookie he wanted me to make - and I completely left it up to his judgement.

The man chose shortbread. They arrived intact, no breaks, no crumbles (well maybe a little at the tip of one wedge). Looking pretty - just the baker himself.

And of course, they are good. I knew they would. The combo of sweet, buttery and with a pinch of salt. I love the salt part in the cookies I make - I don't know why, but it give them that slight edge or bite.

I know I'll pay for this with some other contest, some other day. But for now, I'm reveling in the feeling of my win.......and shortbread.

Song by: the New Amsterdams


anne marie in philly said...

OMB, WANT! (the cookie AND the recipe)

Bob said...

I want the box!

Fearsome Beard said...

Chanel Shortbread, that looks like this years fall collection.

Mark in DE said...

Everything is just a little more special when sent Priority Mail. ;-)