Monday, September 07, 2015

My Music Monday

September's theme - thanks to Erik - is, and I quote, "songs that make you want to stop what you’re doing and get up and shake your tail feathers."

Apparently he thinks he is in the original Hairspray movie, or at least on the Corny Collins Show.

But I figured I could eke out four songs with that. Some might be embarrassing, but you never know.

I would be shocked - SHOCKED, I say - if Erik didn't have a B-52's song in his mix. I do. Actually, when he suggested the theme, I immediately landed on my first song:  "Give Me Back My Man", from the B-52's second album, Wild Planet.

While the B's had a 60's vibe to them, the video to "Give Me Back My Man" really personified it in a different way for them. Maybe it's the black & white.  Their look here isn't as wild as it was on their first album.

When we saw the band a few years back, I was hoping for - and got- them to play this song. Well, I wanted them to play a lot of songs, but this topped this list and they did not disappoint. It truly made my night.

And yes, when it comes on, the volume goes up and I shake my tail feathers as much as possible, depending on my location.


Anonymous said...

If only I had a tambourine.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you come from Planet Claire? ~~ NB

Erik Rubright said...

Is it weird I've never seen Hairspray? Shakin' your tail-feathers is just what we call it around these parts!

And I'm glad you played along. :)

Such a great song. When you got to see them, do Cindy throw out swedish fish at the audience?

And you wouldn't be wrong about me having a B-52's song in my selections this month.