Wednesday, September 16, 2015

App of the Month

We are on a driving trip. Some smaller ports of call, but some larger ones as well.

Parking in a city like New York can be problematic. If you can find street parking, while there is always the issue of theft, break-in and scrapes, the bigger problem is alternate side of the street parking. This means every other day, you must find another parking space on the other side of the street.

Parking lots or garages can be a problem too. Just ask Ferris Bueller.

Seriously though - NYC garages are pricey! I remember when they were $26 per day. I would love to go back to those days. Many that I see now, you can get a great rate of $8.45................per half-hour!!

So, my cousin David steered me to ParkWhiz. An app that allows you to search for and book parking garages by rate. If you don't mind walking a few blocks, you can do pretty well. And it's NYC, it's all about the walking anyways, so what is 2.5 blocks?

The hotel we were staying at - you can park for $55 per day. That is a lot of beer!

Of course, anytime you let the hotel park your car the rate is jacked up. Last time we did it ourselves and I think we came out with a $37 per day.  We thought that was a deal.

ParkWhiz did better.

You select your preferred location (by dragging the map if needed) and enter the dates and time of your arrival and departure. It will bring up participating and available garages. 

Clearly, you can see there is a huge difference in price. 

We were staying on W. 54th, so I chose the $107 one. Hell, that's $26.75 per day. 

I booked the spot, I got the confirmation code and scanning data. We got the garage and boom - it was done. 

The garage was nice too - not one of those skeezy ones that it could have been. Hell, the first two parked cars were Maserati's  - so someone must trust these guys. 

The app is free, and even if I never use it again - it was totally worth it. 

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carlnepa said...

Hi: I've been a long time reader of your blog. The last exit before the Lincoln Tunnel is Weehauken, NJ. If you take that exit, follow signs to Port Imperial. It's run by the Port Authority. We paid about $30 to park for 24 hours. You buy a ticket for the ferry that takes you closest to where you need to etc.
The buses from the Port Authority (blue painted) will take you where you are going AND you can hop them throughout the day and for your return trip. The driver's are very friendly and helpful and so are the passengers. There is a schedule and map of pick up locations so that you can be where you need to be at the right time. It works for us and the ferry ride back is spectacular at night.