Saturday, September 19, 2015

Get Him Back

Not a lot of time for pictures of the kids this week. We were gone most of it.

I hope it is my imagination, but Petey seems to be struggling a bit physically since this kennel visit. Of course, as I draft this, we haven't even had him home for 24 hours, so, maybe I'm just projecting a little.

Leaving the kennel. He's was very very VERY spry. 

We took him to the Polo Fields next. 

An adventure that wasn't encaged. 
He loved it. We could barely keep up with him he was moving so fast. 

My first clue he wasn't his normal self. 

Petey has sat in the car twice. Normally he just goes window to window, no matter how long the drive. 

Petey has gone full body down twice. Once after a long weekend in Columbus. And once on Thursday. He actually put his head down and slept the car ride home. THAT was a first. 

Then he slept for 5-6 hour straight after arriving home. 

Getting the Loch Ness Monster to sit still for a picture would be easier than capturing Sophie. 

She was happy to have Petey (and us) home. She likes her normalcy. 

Song by: Fiona Apple


Bob said...

Hopefully Petey was "Happy Sleeping" now that his dads were home again.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope it's just a case of not sleeping well at the kennel, and needing some time to catch up.

Ur-spo said...

I too hope for Petey
Sophie makes me smile