Monday, September 14, 2015

My Music Monday

Shaking Tail Feathers is what we are doing this month - according to Erik. (not that he's participated in his own theme choice, mind you.)

I think it's fair to say, what I'd "dance" to, and what most people might would be considered very different.

There was a day, when one could go to Wall St. (my oh my, it's still in business and with the worse website ever!) on a Wednesday and dance to songs that no other gay bar would play. While the Cure might be a favourite amongst certain homos, back then, on a Saturday night, it wouldn't make a DJ playlist because the fags (oh yes, I went there) had to hear Black Box's "Ride on Time" for the 128th Saturday in a row - or worse CC + the Music Factory.  Cuz that never gets old.

But throw on a Smiths song and I was out there. It just only happened on Wednesday nights.  Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), I drank most weekday and weekend nights, so it wasn't out of the question that I might be there mid-week.

Now it is 25+ years later and Blobby doesn't go out to gay bars much, let alone ones where dancing takes place. The Smiths only exist on vinyl, but Morrissey is still putting out music - some much better than others.

A good Morrissey song will have me belting it out in my car or kitchen. And it's always appreciated while doing cardio or lifting - and none more so than his "That's How People Grow Up".

True to his style - Morrissey does go on about how lonely and miserable he is, but it still brings a smile to my face.  I mean, how can you not almost laugh at a lyric that say: "I was driving my car / I crashed and broke my spine / so yes there are things worse in life / than never finding someone's sweetie."

It never gets old. And only he can write stuff like that and truly get away with it.

So you might not shake a tail feather to this, but I would.  Just in my own way.

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David G said...

This song would be great to dance to at a hanging. Or to really add some pizazz to a good serial killing.