Saturday, April 05, 2014


It's a low key Petey Porn Day - which has some Sophie thrown in too. I had pics of them together, but sometimes Sophie needs a little star-time of her own.

Lazy. Lazy. Lazy.   Good thing he's cute. 

Soph always seeks out the sun. If she can be bad a dad too, then it's a bonus. But trust me, the sun always wins out. 

Our warmest day of the week, but it seems like I've interrupted someone's sleep cycle to get him out and moving. 

Cuddle time. She's not looking any slimmer. She's been on her diet for 5 months now - and we've been consistent about it. I should weigh her. Of course, she has her winter coat now. 

Honestly, a different day from that top pic. He's just so handsome though in a profile.  ...and so grey. 

Song by: Love & Rockets


Raybeard said...

It's funny how cats (moreso than dogs) will gravitate to a patch of sunlight in which to repose, sometimes even following it over carpet - though mine usually get fed up with chasing it.

anne marie in philly said...

find a sunpatch, and you will see nyla plopped down in it.

a great way to start off my saturday morning!

Ur-spo said...

yes I see the gray. Old dogs evoke so many emotions in me

Mike Carlson said...

They surely are enjoying the time of their lives. Cute little creatures.