Thursday, April 10, 2014


Another day, another vague post.

Honest, it's not on purpose. Well - maybe it is.

Believe it or not, I don't blog about everything. I rarely talk about work, I keep my family life, outside of cats and dogs (and occasionally a husband or cousin) to a minimum.

So it might not surprise you to figure out that the last week or so has been filled with one, if not both, of those subjects.

Family members have given birth, married and passed away with nary a mention here. Some are distant enough that it might not warrant a post. Some might be held so dear, I couldn't possibly convey what or how I was feeling - not that I need to. Or want to try.

Yet, rest assured, there have been no births, weddings or deaths recently. Just life events that make us feel too grown-up. And let's face it - I'm a guy, we don't like or want to grow-up.

No doubt - or maybe - I'll touch on these at some point, but not today. Right now I'm looking forward to the rest of the week and upcoming weekend.  ....and yes, I know it's only Thursday, but I've kind of written off the rest of this week. I'm looking ahead. At least by a day and three-quarters.

12 of 12 falls on a Saturday this month. If I get my butt to do something other than EDL* stuff (I've already cleared trash off our "hill" and picked up about 25lbs of bottles, be it beer, soda, energy drink or hooch) and various car parts (two partial headlights, some front end pieces and part of a hood) then maybe I can have some interesting shots for you.  Maybe.

You'll get a Petey Porn post on Saturday. I just need to rally enough energy to find something for Friday.  Oh, and start thinking of  My Music Monday post.

This blog is work folks. WORK!

* Everyday Living

Song by: Medusa


Anonymous said... extra hug, that is.

Birdie said...

Have another hug, sweetie.

rebecca said...

Made me a star!!