Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shopping with Blobby

I guess this month you get Shopping with David.

I wish wish wish, I had found this item, but alas, I did not. David seems happy to share, as he emailed it to me. And I'm happy to give him the credit.

It's the Infant Circumcision Trainer - White.

I suppose that means there is a non-white version, but I could not find it.

But I think we are burying the lead here. Amazon sells a circumcision training kit.

I could make all the jokes in the world - most of which you could do yourselves. Then I thought, why reinvent the wheel, read the 41 reviews.

The reviews, or some of them, are clever and humorous.

While you get the kit, it doesn't come with any certification to be a mohel or a doctor. However, you can get Replacement Glans/Foreskin (Package 10).

They don't mention if those are real or not.  For the low low price of $185.95 (without shipping - unless, I guess if you're a Prime member), they had better be real!


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't MALE or BOY be in the product title too?

anne marie in philly said...

that looks too fat to be a baby model. the more interesting story would be how your cousin found this "product" in the first place.

Bob said...

You really can buy ANYTHING on the webz!

Dith said...

You know there is a pedophile out there with one of these.

cb said...

So. Many. Comments.

I'll go with this one...0

I wonder if the Rabbi's also practice putting the fake baby penis in their mouth after snipping?

Anonymous said...

i feel dirty just commenting on this post.

Unknown said...