Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Birthday Morning

Guess who turns 12 years old today???

No No.....not me.

Mentally I hit 12 eons ago and have never moved forward. This time I'm actually talking chronological age.

It's Petey.

Olan Mills was booked, so this is his "official" birthday portrait, taken by me. 

Petey is not a posing dog. I actually had to use treats to get him to get this good. And you can see how that turned out. 

But a dozen years ago today, he and seven siblings were born. I don't know where those guys are now. Each year, a card was sent out with updates on each from the litter, but those stopped a while ago. 

I wonder if because few are still around. Typical life expectancy for the breed, according to wikipedia, is 12-15 years. The old man is greying, but spry. And I will go out on a limb that Petey has had pampered life.  And two dads who'll drop everything to take him to the vet. 

The doc says, good ears, good heart, good eyes and teeth. He will always have lung and allergy problems, but I think we have those in check. His weight is spot-on. He exercises daily. I'm amazed at how many neighbors - even with dogs - will tell me, "you're out there every day, no matter the weather, walking him - we don't do that".  

How horrible for those pooches. 

I don't see too too much out of the ordinary for Petey today. He'll get a bone that I've had stashed away for him. If I can, I'll get him to a park, instead of the 'hood for a better walk. That'll wear him out. And I'm making chicken for dinner, so I'm guessing he might see a little piece of that. 

Of course he'll get rubs, kisses and hugs. 

As for the pics that did not make the official portrait - they are below. 

Had this last one been in focus, it would have been THE premiere selection. 

Song by: the Association


anne marie in philly said...


he's doing his best miley cyrus interpretation, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Petey!
I love the first one! The good timing to get him with his tongue out makes it perfect. My favorite pic of Tramp is with his tongue out.

Morty said...

Happy birthday, Petey - from us and our beagle boys!

Bob said...

Petey looks ready for a celebration!

Greg said...

Happy Birthday, Petey!

Jim said...

Happy puppy day Petey! Tell your daddy to behave!!

Soul Yaoi said...

Happy Birthday Petey!

Ur-spo said...

I hope he has a happy new year, the best one yet.