Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Shut Us Down

Since I'm writing this before 12 midnight, so who knows if the government will be shut down.  I'm not sure it matters - the dye has been cast.

It is the out-of-touch Congress that is just fucking off the wall.  As of yesterday they have a record low approval rating of 10%.

10!   Even Cop Rock got higher ratings than that.  Hitler even probably enjoyed better polling numbers....and that would be from the Jews and the Poles.

Congress doesn't have such a welcoming crowd. You gotta figure that 10% doesn't even cover their family and friends - assuming they all voted in the affirmative.

Yet Boehner says 'this is what the American people want'.

Dude - you're getting a lower than low approval rating and you claim to know what the fucking public wants?  Get your fucking head out of your ass and maybe talk to your constituents, not just the hand-selected ones that won't dare to disagree with you.

The "joke" is that the people who keep this economy rolling - you know the daily government workers who don't take "recess" will be staying at home without pay.  Congress, who shows up when they feel like it or not out raising election dollars will draw their $174,000 salary.....because they are "essential".

I can only assume they determined who is and is not an "essential" government worker.

While I don't want the GOP to shut down the government, part of me says let them. It worked so well for Newt Gingrich 17 years ago.  Still one of his biggest mistakes - but at least that was over a budget. It is scary as shit that these cluster fuckers are doing this over a law that they help passed THREE YEARS AGO.

This is dangerous territory, regardless if they actually shut it down tonight or not.

...and if not this time, well the debt ceiling deadline is just around the corner.  So they will do it again, threaten to do it again, or will just continue the shut-down that will already going on.

But at least they know what the American people want.  Or at least 10% of them.

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Anonymous said...

They shut it down. Be wary of Canadian invaders!

At least the jokes about that on Twitter are pretty funny.

Will said...

With national elections just a year away, I am hoping the American people remember this in the ballot box and clean house BIG TIME.