Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anyway You Want It

While I call Greg "my cousin", in actuality, he is married to my cousin.

Greg was an imposing man when I was growing up.  Since Marilyn is about 18 years older than I am, I was but a wee lad when she married Greg, a cop who towered at 6'3".  Sure, that I'm 6'2" now he doesn't seem like a tower, but when I was 7-8, he was huge. 

He was and is a solid man who, while a retried cop now, heads up safety for a local town while heading up safety for two of the three major sports venues in town. 

But as I was growing up, he scared the shit out of me, since A. he was a cop.  B. he physically represented as a big brute (he's a very nice man though).  C.  he always had two guns on him at all times.  Still does. 

Like I said, he's a nice guy, great sense of humour and tolerates my cousin, his wife. Sainthood shouldn't be far behind. He's also the one I went to when getting police guidance on taking my father's car keys away from him. 

But Saturday, he was one of the people over my parent's house.  Sure they came over to see my sister, who is rarely in town (I'd just seen these folks a month ago), but Greg dragged a few of us out to show us the new horn on his car.  Mostly just the guys......because we can appreciate this. 

Yes, he had Rodney Dangerfield's character's horn from Caddyshack installed in his SUV.  His neighbors must love him.

Of course, I had to ask / make sure he had a normal horn too.  I mean, you can't use that one to get someone to step on the gas at a red light or if they pull out in front of you.

He has a normal horn too.  But I love he bothered to get the .mp3 (or whatever) onto a chip and have it electronically installed in his car. 

Song by:  Journey  
(bc they played that in Caddyshack and I refuse to reference or own Kenny Loggins)


Anonymous said...

OMG that is hilarious! But if you're under the age of forty you won't get the joke.

I loved everything about that movie and I've probably seen it about thirty times or more.

Birdie said...

We have the gopher, who swivels to the the chorus of "I'm All Right." That movie is THE movie to all golfers.

Anonymous said...

If you were inclined, what horn would you choose?

Mark in DE said...

He sounds like a real character.