Friday, October 18, 2013

Site of the Month

I'm totally lifting this from Tornwordo's Facebook post two days ago.

Why?  Because it is a fun one and I also don't care yet to write anymore about Congress and their massive fuck-up because they had a little hissy fit, which they lost - and will be a bigger loss a year from now at the next election.

So onto the SotM, courtesy of Torn and the friendly folks at gamquistu (what a stupid name).

It is a Hearing Evaluator.  Click here to play along.

Gamquistu - My Hearing Age is 43! How well can can you still hear?
Gamquistu - Games, Quizzes and Stuff.

Is my hearing really that of a 43 year old? It's so hard to say with me.

I've abused my ears with Apple earbuds and Walkman headphones and Koss headphones back in the '70s, when my mother just didn't want to hear that shit I was listening to.

Granted, anymore, I only use earbuds on planes, but I still use them, just not at the decibel at which I used to crank the music.  And you've seen / heard the My Music Monday selections I pick - I was never listening to speed or thrash metal.  Oh sure, Karen Carpenter's drumming could be off. the. charts., but I tried to limit the time I'd listen to that hard rock and / or roll that she played.

But you also know that last year I lost hearing in one ear for a few days, only to regain it, but have on-going tinnitus in both ears. Yes, it's still there.  I've given up hope that it will ever go away.

For this exercise, I could hear the sound at 14 kHz.  I thought I heard it at 16 kHz, but then I started to question if I was hearing the actual frequency at that one, or whether is was just that on-going tinnitus playing in my head.  I opted for the conservative approach and went with 14 so you all didn't think I was Jamie Sommers after her tragic tragic skydiving accident.

I'm not 35, but I'm not the next level up from where I placed either - 55. In truth, I'm probably a 50 - because that is what I am.

They just don't have that as a level in which to place.

Hey baby, what's your frequency?


Birdie said...

Thanks to tinnitus: 62. Sirens 24/7. Audiologist says I've lost upper range where consonants reside, so clarity is more effective than volume.

Raybeard said...

Now I'm REALLY worried. Can't hear anything on any level. I assume I'm doing it right. Tried yesterday with no result, so after today's repeat I give up.

Erik Rubright said...

35. I need to listen to my music louder so I can catch up!