Friday, February 22, 2013


Jim, over at the aptly named Jim's Stuff started (?) a meme on thing he has never done.

I Have Never...started as a drinking game, and anyone who has done one of those things mentioned by a person in the room had to drink.  No doubt I'd be drunk in no time flat - especially playing off of Jim's list.

I've never had much use for drinking games - it seemed like someone had to wait to drink when the alcohol was right there in front of you the entire time ready to be consumed. It seemed like a waste of time for something that was to be inevitable anyways.

Beer Pong?  No.  Quarter?  Nada.

My long-running friends did play two games, and we drank while we played them, but I don't know you could classify as "drinking games".

They were "You Can't Come to My Party Because...." in which....oh fuck, I don't remember how it worked.  All I remember is Meredith could never come to the party because she could never figure out how the game worked.

The other game was "Non Sequitur".  This one I do remember.  Person #1 says a word; Person #2 has to say another word that in no way can be tied to the first word.

Naturally, your brain automatically starts associating words - it can't be helped.  And if you can defend how their not related, you don't lose. Notice I didn't say you won.

Without a doubt, the two best words in our game was when someone said "Labyrinth".  Morty immediately responded with "Pork".  That has made us laugh for the last 22 years.

So now I'm faced with this meme, of things I haven't done.  Like Non Sequitur, now all I can think of are things I have done.  But I'll make an attempt.

I have never.....

- Been to Europe
- Gotten a tattoo
- Injected heroin
- Eaten a beet
- Climbed a rope in gym
- Played chords and notes at same time on the piano
- Won any organized athletic event
- Read or Bought a comic book
- cared for The Godfather (I'm with Peter Griffin on this one)
- came up with a Meme on my own for others to use

....and I can't think of anymore - at least within the realm of my being.  I could say, I've never performed brain surgery or worked on the space shuttle, but that seems silly.  So there you have it.

How many drinks would you have had with my list?

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Ur-spo said...

I like the notion of 'Blobby's Meme' - you should get right to it.

anne marie in philly said...

let's see:

I have been to europe, bought and read a comic book. that's 2.

Erik Rubright said...

Well damn:
- Gotten a tattoo (Even better, I've given myself many!)
- Climbed a rope in gym (I always enjoyed sliding down it for some reason...)
- Played chords and notes at same time on the piano (Hated it)
- Read or Bought a comic book (I still do)

And Amen on The Godfather!

Cubby said...
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Cubby said...

OMG it's too early to think...

Morty said...

Give me a couple hours and I'll check off heroin and tattoo.

Anonymous said...

Three for me.

1. Been to Europe (if you count Ireland and the UK.)

2. Regularly play chords and notes at the same time on keyboards.

3. Read or bought a comic book.