Monday, February 25, 2013

Against All Odds

I'm foregoing the My Music Monday post for one important reason:  I don't want Mike to think I'm holding off on broadcasting my thoughts on our his 2nd Annual Academy Award contest.

...also I'm on a plane at 06:00 today and won't have time to draft a meaningful post in my hotel room.

Mike put almost no a lot of effort into this contest and his selections. Clearly, he went out to see almost none of the movies, but yet he fancies (yes that's right, 'fancies') himself king of this award-thingy.

It's all in great fun (well, at least for me), that we do this and rib each other (well, at least for me), but when it comes down to it, really, who doesn't want to win?

It's not really about that wagered drink. It's about bragging rights (not that everyone else won't roll their eyes at us). It's about smugness and self-satisfaction of knowing your a winner - and possibly rubbing it in their face.   Perhaps that is just me talking.

I could be here to pay my respects to the winner, or to gloat.   Before we declare a winner, let's recap, shall we?  My choices are listed here.   Mike's are listed there.

1. Best Picture: Tie (we both picked this).

2. Actor: Tie (we both picked this).

3. Actress: Tie (we both picked this).

4. Supporting Actor:  Tie (we both picked wrong).  
c'mon, Tommy Lee Jones' character was nailing Reba, the Mail Lady. He should have won just for that!

5. Supporting Actress:  Tie (we both picked this).

6. Directing: Tie (we both picked wrong). 
Did not see that coming. But good for him!

7. Foreign Language Film:  Tie (we both picked this).

8. Adapted Screenplay: Tie (we both picked wrong)

9. Original Screenplay: Tie (we both picked wrong)
I never thought they'd let Tarantino walk away with anything.  Ever. 

10. Animated Feature Film: Blobby

11. Production Design: Blobby

12. Cinematography: Tie (we both picked this).

13. Sound Mixing: Mike

14. Sound Editing: Tie (we both picked wrong). 

15. Original Score: Tie (we both picked this).

16. Original Song: Tie (we both picked this).

17. Costume:  Tie (we both picked this). 

18. Documentary Feature: Mike

19. Documentary (short subject): Mike

20. Film Editing: Tie (we both picked this). Tie (we both picked this).

21. Makeup and Hairstyling: Blobby

22. Animated Short Film:  Mike

23. Live Action Short Film: Blobby

24. Visual Effects: Tie (we both picked this).

So against almost all odds, Mike and I tie again....two years in a row.  Who'd a thunk?

It might be a hard realization for both of us that we are not so different after all.  That might be a more frightening prospect for those around us - which really only includes Peter and 710.

I'm happy to go dutch on drinks and dinner this July when we are back in Boston, if Mike is man enough to dust himself off and admit non-defeat and non-victory. In theory, we're both grown men.

....and lest you think I wasn't prepared for the alternative outcome, I'm nothing if not mensch.  I made an image in case I lost completely as well.  I didn't lose, but.........aren't we all winners.  I mean, really?

Mike is a worthy opponent and I am a winner just to have him as a friend.  How's that for taking the high road?

Song by:  Phil Collins


anne marie in philly said...

I think you look better on cher!

BostonPete said...

"It might be a hard realization for both of us that we are not so different after all. That might be a more frightening prospect for those around us - which really only includes Peter and 710."



Mike said...

Where did you find directions to the "high road"? Isn't this your first visit?

Blobby said...

Well, I didn't see you anywhere in the vicinity!

rebecca said...

You both picked that piece of crap Argo??

Ur-spo said...

tie - like K Hepburn and B Streisand.