Monday, February 11, 2013

My Music Monday

I was bored with my standard My Music Monday image, so it was time to change it.  I'm not so sure I'm down with this one, but for the time being.....

I recognize the importance that Nirvana played in the history of rock music, but it is impossible to tell if they could have sustained that level of talent of relevancy had Kurt Cobain lived.

Save for a few songs, I wasn't so enamored of their music.  There.  I said it.

However, I thought Dave Grohl was an incredible drummer for the band and was happy to see that he went on to form Foo Fighters.  The "bands" first disk was pretty much, if not all, Grohl himself.  Only after did he bring other members on for full-time duties.

A one man band is pretty impressive and I'll be honest to not know until that time that he was a multi-instrumentalist. A good one.

Eventually, he settled on guitar, though now and again he played underwhelming drum parts on albums for Garbage and Queens of the Stone Age.  Maybe he didn't want to overshadow their bands - I don't know.

I've always found the Foos music to be more accessible than Nirvana. Each album has a handful of very good songs and Grohl always seemed way more down to earth and just funny.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing his movie, Sound City.

There were a number of Foo Fighter songs I could have selected from.  Arguably their more recognizable was "Fly" - and it is a fine song.  But I was more partial to two others:  "the Best of You" or "the Pretender".

I went for the latter.

I'm not a fan of the treadmill, but it is a great song to run to, but it's a great song to bike to as well. And it's great to crank up in the least while I'm alone.


Erik Rubright said...

I was never a Nirvana fan either. Have you ever heard any of their live stuff? Total crap. The band, and the audience, had to be totally stoned.

But I love Grohl. He has his hands in all sorts of different genres with the collaborative work he's done. Love!

Excellent choice with "The Pretender".

Anonymous said...

He fills in a lot for Chelsea (word is that she's having substance problems big time). This is one of my favorite Monday posts.

The new image? I thought it was going to be a grammy recap. It seems your image is going even further back in time. Even though a good amount of music you talk about is from the long-gone era of records, cassettes and cd's, you listen to all of it digitally.

Greg said...

I never really got into Nirvana, but Foo Fighters are another story. If you have a chance, try to find the documentary Back and Forth. The film provides a great history of the band.