Monday, February 04, 2013

My Music Monday

I'm still a big fan of early '80s music.  David G will tell you I'm lame in my selections with these, but t.s.  I like what I like.

No one is ever going to gush over the group Goanna, because, save me and possible some of the members of the group, no one has probably ever heard of them (maybe Morty).

...and even for me, I don't think I ever heard buy one song from them: "Solid Rock" from 1982.

While Wikipedia has a fairly extensive bio for the, I am guessing they were way bigger in their native Australia.  And coming from down under, they certainly shared some characteristics of the bands of that time from that part of the globe:  Midnight Oil, INXS, Men at Work, etc.

They never caught on in the U.S., at least that I know of, though I did own the frickin' 45 of "Solid Rock".  I could not tell you how or where I heard of it, but I liked (and like) it.

It went from 45 to me putting it on a cassette, to me pulling it off of Napster back in the late '90s.  It still resides in my music liberry and it still rotates through my car, or iPhone or the Shuffle which I use while working out.  It's actually a good song for working out.

I have no background on the group or the song - at least that I can't get from Wiki, or that you can't read yourself.  Normally I have backing knowledge of my music or bands I present, but not today.  It's just a song I like - which is a bit dated, but not horribly so.

Hell, I didn't even know there was a video.


Erik Rubright said...

Any song that has a didgeridoo is grade A awesome in my book!

Anonymous said...

Blobby -
I read your blog all the time, but have never commented. This song, Solid Rock - I didn't think I knew it, but when I played the video, I recognized the tune. Just a funny thought.
Since we're sharing, I am right-handed in the art of self love. :)