Thursday, February 21, 2013

In Fortune's Hand

Last night we went out for Chinese food.

That sounds tame enough - no?  But I can't tell you last time we at out at our local Chinese restaurant. It's always carry-out.

It is kind of amazing how different the food tastes when it comes from kitchen to table - and it skips the plastic packaging and the seven minute ride home.

My sister was in town with her husband and kids, and where eating in could have been done, it was hard to figure out what to cook for six and I had that job thing during the day which kept me from planning.

It was just easier to go out and the kids like Chinese.  I was hoping for Tommys for their fries, but alas, it was not meant to be.

The meal was good, the company was nice.....and we didn't have to cook or clean.

...and apparently I am talented in many bed.

We did have to go home so my nephew could watch one of the Pirates of the Caribbean  movies - which possibly ranks up there as one of the worst movies in modern history - at least in terms of major releases.  How the fuck does Johnny Depp keep getting jobs?  Absolutely horrid.

Song by: Clannad


BosGuy said...

Funny because when I saw the photo I automatically said "in bed" in my head while I read it.

Got caught up with a few of your other posts. FYI - I like my iPad but usually only use it when I'm traveling since its so much lighter to carry around than a laptop and way easier to read than my phone.


Erik Rubright said...

I guess everyone must do the " bed" bit. ;-)