Thursday, October 25, 2012

You Do

BosGuy, whom you'll remember I met this last summer, is doing this blog thing where he's getting folks (bloggers and non-bloggers!) to bring awareness to Referendum 74:  Marriage Equality in Washington state.

One prints out a .pdf of and takes a snap of themselves with it.

It is really a campaign by the Seattle Times, but Bos picked it up and ran with it.

I tried to go green and just brought up the .pdf on my laptop and took a pic that way. It has been submitted to Mr. Guy to use on his blog.

There are three other states with something similar on the ballots this election year: Maryland, Maine and Minnesota.

If polling is correct, WA, MD, ME are likely to pass these initiatives and allow same-sex marriage. MN is a nail-biter, and possibly too close to call.  If any state other than Washington has this type of campaign, I haven't seen it, but would be happy to participate.

While three of the four states seem on the way to passing these, I am cautious. It would be nice to add more and more states to the slowly growing list of enlightened citizens, but to not rest on those polling numbers is crucial.

I like seeing these dominoes fall. It's not as fast as I would like them, but 10 years ago, I wouldn't have guessed we would be this far into making change.

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Anonymous said...

I saw and commented on that yesterday. I guess 710 is still blog shy.

Ur-spo said...

I find the tensions of it all too much to follow this week wake me up when it is over.