Thursday, October 18, 2012


So, our work event tonite (last night) was ung-dly awful. 

I know I can be harsh (, it's true!), but WTF?

After a billion hours of meetings, we went to some place called Rawhide: a western town right outside Phoenix.  It could have been the set that the Brady Bunch used when they were locked in that old abandoned mining town.  

....except this time of year, they made it into a ghost zombie town. Lame. 

...and that's lame as in sad and tired, not a gold fabric used to make slutty cocktail dresses. 

First, the food was awful. You had your choice of a side of beef or ribs. ...and beans.  Vegetarians need not come by.  And someone in our group ordered two orders of deep fried rocky mountain oysters.  Nooooo thank you.  Yes, I get the irony that I was one of the few in the group who did not eat them, but it may have been lost on most others. 

Oh, and we had to wear "cowboy hats", as you can see. Though they look more like something a dandy would wear on a safari.....and they cost $1 at the dollar store.  And yes, I look like a dandy in this pic.

...which brings me to the second part of this. 

After dinner, we had a "show". They called it a stunt men show, but Clyde & Seymour's Spooky Kooky Castle at Sea World 30 years ago was better executed....and acted.....and they were a seal and an otter. But two of the guys played "gay".  ...and I mean FLAMING gay.   ...and I am not sure they were acting. 

I was so uncomfortable. A woman I work with was too....mostly for me. I just turned to her and said, "I think I should be horribly offended", and she replied, "you should be".  

But I had to keep in mind that this is Jan Brewer's Arizona, so I should not have been surprised in the least. 

Homophobic or not, it was just a bad show.....and you know the "actors" had to know it too. The anemic applause couldn't have been the first time they didn't hear two hands clapping.

I could not wait to get back to the casino/hotel to down a glass of wine. My first alcoholic beverage for the trip. I know, right?

On the way through the lobby, I passed the bucking horse statue I have passed a dozen times since being here. Only this time I saw something I had neglected the first 11 times:  possible accuracy.

Get a look. Get a long, hard look. 

Yes, I'm going to drop that phrase.  It's late. I have to get to bed, and I had to get this posted. 

Song by: Frankie Laine


don said...

Wow, now I am really looking forward to my trip to PHX next week.

tornwordo said...

It took you a dozen times to notice THAT? I'm surprised at you.

Unknown said...

I am far too amused by the fact that you referenced Clyde and Seymour in a post. I never knew what it was called, but we saw it when I was 6. That and the wild west ski jump show that was on Geauga Lake. I was 6 after all, so I was somewhere between confused and amused.

I seem to remember enjoying the view with some of the people. I think the sheriff from Clyde and Seymour may have been my first crush!

Erik Rubright said...

Holy crap! I totally forgot about Clyde & Seymour. I used to go to SeaWorld with my grandparents almost every weekend during the summers when I was a kid. I remember that, and the weird Batman ski show.

Hopefully your trip got better. Or at least you found a bottle to cozy up to.