Monday, October 15, 2012

My Music Monday

I cannot say I have ever been a huge fan of George Michael.

Somewhere back in my more official coming out, there was something homoerotic about Wham! UK....which is what they were call before the dropped the 'UK', but it would be a stretch to call that music good (though their cover of the Miracles' "Love Machine" isn't bad).

If I never hear "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" or "Careless Whisper Again", I think I'll be just fine.

That said, Michael had some decent solo stuff ("Freedom 90", "Jesus to a Child", "Playing for Time", "Too Funky", Fastlove") though he seemed to have a lot of filler. He had his big MTV run with a lot more hits, but nothing that ever truly appealed to me....or if they did, they wore out their welcome, must like he did with most of his public shenanigans.

One of Michael's strengths can be in his voice and not in his writing. He can be a good interpreter of music, other than his own.

He does decent justice to his cover of Seal's "Killer" and as much as he and Ms. Elton John feud (who doesn't that latter queen bitch about?) Geo has a natural affinity to John's songs. He does a good job with "Don't Let Your the Son Sun Go Down on Me" (a live version) but he also covered (live again) a lesser known John/Taupin song, "Tonight" for a tribute disk to the two songwriters.

The song is long. The intro to get to Michael is long, but it's worth it.

Even if you never heard the original version, you'll pick up on the stylings of John/Taupin. Still Michael is in strong voice and more than does the song justice.

If we were ever to stage a U.S. comeback, a covers album (though he did a mediocre one of music from the 40s) might be the way to go.


Anonymous said...

I saw him as part of the Millennium March on Washington Equality Rocks Concert - he was truly amazing. Like you most of his music does more for others than for me (but I really liked those shorts in Wake Me Up Before You Go Go) but he has to have one of the best male voices in the past 30 years.

rebecca said...

The only thing he's likely to stage anytime soon is ... Well, one of you will think of something!

don said...

Miss Sarajevo is my fave song by GM. I first heard it on a rainy afternoon in Knightsbridge during one of those "pivotal" life experiences.

Ur-spo said...

On occasion my Tourette's takes over and suddenly shouts "BABY!" ala Mr. Michael in "You gotta have faith" - most annoying.

Wonder Man said...

I have always liked his voice