Sunday, October 28, 2012

Everything is Coming Up Roses

Somewhere, 710 and I were talking about Jeffrey to some friend.  I'm blanking on when and where, or why.

I liked the movie (never saw the play), and thought, save for the guy from Wings, (or Jeffery as he's called in this movie), everyone was well cast. I thought Steven Weber was horribly miscast.

I've always asserted that both Sigourney Weaver and Nathan Lane should have been up for Academy Awards for their roles, but knowing they couldn't be, because they could never actually show their clips on an award show.

On a whim, I checked YouTube and both clips are out there. Both are still excellent, but I was watching Lane's one in particular with a better set of eyes than maybe the first few times I saw the film.

It's not that he isn't spot on and has excellent delivery, but it was his (or the playwright's) message that really kind of resonated this time around.

Yes, he gays it up with his analogy of good and evil by citing certain Broadway shows.  And yes, my parent had that My Fair Lady original cast recording and it's odd how accurate he is that we as gay children anthropomorphize g-d via George Bernard Shaw.

And I'm not the most spiritual person, but I get it.  Especially at the 6:25 mark - through 6:43.  ...and evil is one-note.

But the second old lady gets it right:  the only real blasphemy is the refusal of joy.

I suppose in some not so weird way this is a continuation or tie-in of my post from yesterday, though it has nothing to do with love or the inability to love. I'm good and covered on that front - so no worries there.

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cb said...

That is probably one of the best monologues in the movie.

But I do enjoy "That's DEBRAH!"

Cubby said...

You can't buy happiness, but you *can* buy a Corvette. Make it a red one.

And while we are on the topic of happiness, here's a treat you can buy yourself & 710... get a snow removal service for your driveway this winter. Ask your neighbors who they use and get a contract with them.

Yes this is the third year I've suggested this, and this will no doubt be the third year you tell me you can't afford it. To which I will reply for the third time that you need to get out a crowbar and pry your damn wallet open once in a while. I'm saying this out of kindness and respect for you Blobby, but mostly because I don't want you writing about your busted ass all winter ;-)

Ur-spo said...

I find it so sad so many Christians and Christian sects mistake focus on God/Heaven/after death = forgo and condemn all joy. What a horrible logic.

Erik Rubright said...

I'm going to lose my gay card for this, but I've never seen "Jeffrey", or any of the shows he referenced.

But I get the point of the monologue.

Although I hear Timon telling me....