Tuesday, October 09, 2012


One's vote is supposed to be - or allowed to be - private.

Mine?  Not so much.  I'm giving it to you right here. Not that any of you assumed I was voting for Mittens.

Gary Johnson had a better shot getting me to fill in the little circle - whoever the frick he is.

Yes, I am voting early and via absentee ballot, again. Besides never being sure if I will be on the road when election day comes around, I tend to play it safe and request a ballot in September.

I haven't voted electronically since 2006. Not to feed into the conspiracy, but I don't trust the system.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not horribly confident my mailed-in ballot will be tabulated either. That is kind of a sad statement, no? But considering Cuyahoga County, where I vote, had boxes of uncounted ballots sitting on a loading dock after an election, the level of trust just isn't there.

Still, the selection is made and will be mailed today. Hopefully things will go my way. I don't care what Mitt's ads say, we can stand four more years.

But if they wanted to do right by any election season, somehow RFID my voter mail and scan it into my TV. Cease all political ads to those who have already voted. I'm sure the Geneva Convention would see the continuation of those ads are cruel & unusual punishment.

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Anonymous said...

That last paragraph is brilliant!

I have thought ever since the steal of 2000 that if banks are able to keep track of all the transactions we do at ATMs and in stores, that is shouldn't be so hard to use ATM's as voting machines - you'd even get a receipt.

Cubby said...

Looks like you're pretty good at filling in holes.

Cubby said...

LOL sorry Blobby, I can't stop giggling. I'm such a child.

Erik Rubright said...

I've often wondered why we can't use various forms of technology to vote, instead of having to go to a polling place yadda yadda yadda. Granted, I guess going to the polling places does help stop voter intimidation.

Uncutplus said...

I also vote by absentee ballot.

If I am not mistaken, Oregon only votes by mail-in votes.

That makes sense. It would be all paper, so recounts would be possible. Registrations could be checked ahead of time instead of at the last minute on election day. It would not matter if you had to work that day. There would be no lines. Also I think it would be easier for local election boards, instead of one humongous crunch on the one election day.

I had thought voting on the internet would be a good idea, if banks can do it securely. However, I just heard a report that there are a lot of internet banking mistakes that the banks just write off, because the system saves them so much money.