Friday, October 19, 2012

Friend of Mine

I would expect a cantina in Arizona to have a decent margarita.  I was wrong.

It was fine and everything, but I really expected good!  I am constantly disappointed.

However, I was not disappointed with my dinner companions:  David & Duck.

We had not seen each other since my last trip to Vegas.  In the meantime, they fled Sin City for Sun City. They claim it's hotter here, but I don't see much of a difference.

We did the early bird special - basically. My body clock time said 20:00 but my watch (if I had or owned one) said 17:00.

The boys are good and always fun to be around. Allegedly, David claims anything he says to me is "off-the-record" and not to be used for this blog, so if something about, oh, say, leopard print bikini bottoms came up, I was not allowed to blog about it.

Duly noted.

I did find it odd my Mexican wrap came with American flags on toothpicks. But this is a Jan Brewer state and any illegal-looking wraps were profiled and sent back across the border, no doubt. These wraps had to prove citizenship and well, U.S. flags are the way to do it.

Yet here I am, back in my room by 18:30 and contemplating bed. Even by Eastern Daylight time it's early.  But the body wants what the body wants.

Song by:  the National

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David G said...

Bastard. If you're going to spill it you can at least spill it accurately, as in "leopard print bikini bottoms worn 25 years ago." Yikes, don't scare the children!