Thursday, October 04, 2012

People Talkin'

I suppose it would be the right thing to tell you all I watched the debate.

I didn't.

It's not that I am not a responsible voter. Under no circumstances can I imagine a scenario where anything Mittens says or said will make me change my mind to fill in a little dot to help make him the next President of the United States.

And like air shows, NASCAR and American Idol - one has to watch far to long and pray to hard to see someone crash and burn. The payoff just isn't there.

Since this is my first election using Facebook, I get to see all these "friends" recap the debate for me real time - which I can't say is a good thing.

To be fair, I did turn the debates on for about three hours minutes.  How do they pick who'll have the red tie and who the blue? Is purple or orange even an option? Are we so stupid to think if they don't show red, white and blue that we consider them unpatriotic?

Was Obama considered on the left because he was "stage left"?  Was putting Romney on the left just to fuck with us on where he doesn't stand politically?

I know I should care - or at least pretend to - but I don't. As soon as it's over, if not before, the spin will start. There will be two winners (and two losers) depending on which slanted news organization you prefer. I can't imagine there is a rhyme or reason to these things.

...and then there are the questions. OMG, the lame-ass questions so you can get lame-ass answers. If you saw Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin had a bit about making it a real debate and changing it where they had to answer specific questions and never let off the hook and calling them on their past shit.

THAT I would watch.

Since we don't have that forum, I'll just scroll through all the stuff on the DVR.

Two more to go - plus the VP ones.

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Anonymous said...

You did the right ears are still bleeding. but it did allow me to respond to two RMoney fans who somehow found my poll question last night. One emailed me directly and the other left a comment accusing my readers and I of lying because no one commented on the debate even though the poll only asked if people were going to watch. I left him a nice reply.

Harpers Keeper said...

I was only able to watch about half of it before I had to leave for another commitment. It was what I expected it to be. Supporters of either candidate will find no reason to change their minds. Romney was much more reasonable sounding that in his convention speech; but he knew he was not preaching to the choir this time so he needed to scale back on the polemic.

Erik Rubright said...

I don't understand the purpose of debates in this modern age of communication. It's not like people haven't made up their mind already. And those intelligent enough to actually research the questions they have and what candidates will answer those for them have already done so by this point. If anything, today's debates seem more like another form of reality television gone bad.

rebecca said...

Totally with you.