Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Candy Everybody Wants

Should I have a post for Halloween?  Should I care?

I've posted or reposted my ghost story a few times. I'll give that a rest for another year or two.

All Hallow's Even has never been my night. Sure I liked the candy. Sure I liked egging houses.  But the getting dressed up stuff was a drag pain in the ass.

Not just the execution, but the creativity regarding what to go as.  Not my strong suit.

Is it sad to say my most ambitious costume was going as an abortionist?

One pair of scrubs, one plastic bag, one half dozen cracked eggs, a squirt of ketchup in said plastic band and one hanger.   It was also a costume made on the cheap.

I was reviled by everyone - though mostly the females. That stands to reason of course.

To be fair, it is a legitimate profession and it certainly beats going out in drag (yes, which was done ONCE!).  Of course, when I went as that "M.D.", I was at a fraternity party and it was 1983.  Guys in frats might think drag is funny now, but then it was just a way to get the shit kicked out of you.  Oh - and I never really had the inclination to do it.

But like the last few years, I won't be home for the holiday. And the few years before that, we have gotten zero kids. That new lighting I mentioned may change things. I'll encourage 710 to have a bag of candy on hand, just in case.

I applaud people who do have creative costumes and spare no time or expense to do them. It's just never been me.

Me - I just want the candy. The good stuff.  No crap.

But if you're going out and dressing up - show it off.  Let's see what you got.

Song by: 10,000 Maniacs


Ur-spo said...

we are giving out real size snickers bars tonight
- no rubbish.

Erik Rubright said...

Please tell me somewhere there is a picture of you in said abortionist get-up? Because that's an awesome outfit.