Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Slow Ride

My taint is sore.

Yes, you heard me.

With so much time off from cardio, and a new pair of orthodic inserts - albeit the non-custom ones - this last Saturday I braved going back to Spin.

My weight has crept up from lack of any cardio (ok, I've run a mile or two on the treadmill per gym visit), and I needed to get back to doing something what wasn't lifting related.

Mind you, I haven't blown-up or anything, just at that 190 mark that I struggled so long to get below. My goal is to stay below that and hopefully get back to 183, which is what my driver's license says I am.

Anyway, armed with a water bottle and my biking shorts and shoes, I walked confidently into the gym 35 minutes before the class was to begin. I had every intention of lifting for 20 minutes before starting to warm-up on the bike.

That plan was shot to shit as I was almost at the door of the gym.  You see, I notice people patterns - it's one of those things I can't help.

So, as I'm approaching the entrance, I notice this woman hustle to the desk. She always always always shows up for Spin just as the door is shutting. But I checked on Thursday and everything says Andy is teaching at 09:30.  I'm good.

But I change into my gear figuring I'll lift while wearing my Spin shoes. Then I notice a regular, named Ernie, walking upstairs toward the Spin room. For whatever reason Ernie shows up after class starts and warm-up has been completed. I never got that since he is clearly there well before the class begins.

I call up to him and ask, "is class starting?" He said it was starting at 09:00 and is now 75 minutes long and not an hour.

Well, crap.    ....on two counts.

First off, I hate being late and secondly, I didn't mentally prepare for an additional 15 minutes of class....forget physically.

I knew I was pushing the boundaries thinking a day after getting these inserts that I could just jump back into class, but I figured I was going in feet first - pun intended.

Did I ride to my full potential? No.  Did I ride at as high of a resistance that Andy told the class?  I did not.  Did I ride as fast as instructed?  Most of the time, yes.

The important thing is that I made it through the class.  Winded. Sweaty. Exhausted.  But I made it.  Currently there is no foot pain. Taint pain, sure, but nothing in the foot.

The absolute worst thing of the class (other than they've upped all to 75 minutes?):  apparently there is a disco dance song that incorporates Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat".

Oh the pain...........the pain.

Song by: Bonnie Raitt


Eric Arvin said...

LOL. Poor thing.

Birdie said...

Has anyone done a remix of "Muskrat Love?"

Brettcajun said...

You did 75 mins of spinning class?! WOW! The thing I always detested about spinning class is that I would ALWAYS run out of water. When I am huffing and puffing, I often breathe through my mouth. It become dry fast, so I need to hydrate. I always felt like I was in a North Korea torture camp. I was sweating my ass off (and I am not a big sweater), and I wanted to quit... but because of peer pressure... I could not leave early. LOL.

Ur-spo said...

i am impressed, for I would not last a minute in one of those types of classes.

David G said...

I thought for sure you'd go with "Tainted Love" for your title today....

Blobby said...

Missed opportunity Mr. G. I'll consult you next time. Good catch on your part.