Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ripe Tomato

It's been a hot few days here and we're still three weeks away from Summer.  We hit a few days in the 90s already - and you know my thing:  I can't complain about that.

My deal - for any new reader - is you can complain about either hot or cold, but not both. I've opted for cold.  And this last Winter didn't even really suck in terms of below freezing temps, but most of you know, I have massive problems getting and staying warm.

And in the heat, I can take cold showers and then lie nekkid on top of the sheets under the ceiling fan.

But it's been too hot to cook. Sure, we can do the grill, but I'm not about to turn on the stove or oven. No way, no how. But there is an alternative.


No cooking or heating involved.  ...and no offense to my go-to guys, but I didn't use any of the cooking blogs I normally frequent.  I looked on-line for sure, but making gazpacho can be a little like clearing out the crisper in the refrigerator.

Red Onion. Tomatoes. Cucumber. Celery. Red Bell Pepper. Garlic. Sal. Pepper. White wine vinegar. Olive Oil. Tomato juice.  and some Worcestershire sauce.

Each on-line recipe is / was different, so you do with what you like, what you have and what you want.

It makes a lot for two people, but mostly I was trying it out for entertaining later this summer.  Ina Garten always says never to test new things out on guests first.  Wise words.

I would do stuff differently next time, I suppose.  First off, I wouldn't use the food processor and just hand chopped things a little coarser. It kind of turned out like salsa with tomato juice. Which isn't to say that it isn't good or tasty - it is.

Of course, having the flavours meld together over 24 hours helps.

...and naturally by the time I made it and the second serving a day later, the temps dropped back into the 70s.

Such is life.

Song by: the Jolly Boys (yeah, i don't know this song or group, yet I have it in my music library)


Cubby said...

Mmmm... dericious.

Mike said...

Are you still feeling "burned" by the sausage and peppers recipe from my blog? Honestly, Blobby, it's time to move on!

Ur-spo said...

Gazpacho is my all time favorite summer soup. I swoon at the thought this time of season is a coming in.

Bo said...

That's a ton of veggies on that cutting board!