Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Meal II

Oh, how I love to have lunch with my cousins. Bill & David are just a blast to share a meal with and I wish we could do it more often.  I don't think if we scheduled it with more frequency that it would be less fun or special.

Another cousin, Betsy, was to attend as well and I really enjoy her company - but she bailed. Damn her.

Two unexpected (well, kind of) additions were my aunt and a cousin of my father's . I had maybe met Barbara (the cousin) once or twice when I was a kid. But I sort of mentioned here in this post from seven years ago.

Nothing against my aunt or anyone else, but I have lunch to hang with David and Bill.  I have seen those two much more in the last three years than I've seen aunt in the last 10-15. Hell, I've seen her twice in the last seven month - I can't tell you how many decades it has been that I've seen her twice in a year.

Bill asked a seemingly innocent question to her about how often she sees her two brothers - one of them being my father. The answer was odd and yet it wasn't.  To paraphrase, it was "I see them when I see them - we have our own lives.".

In a weird way I was totally offended by the comment and feeling very protective of my dad. On the other hand, not only was her response true, it wasn't surprising. And then there was a little pang that this is the road my sisters and I are probably headed.  ...and maybe that was the sting of the comment, just internalized.

Still it was a nice lunch, sitting outside and eating somewhat healthy - all the while getting my RDA of Vitamin D.....and possibly a little burn. Had I known we were going to sit outside, sunscreen would have been applied.

The club was packed with women (and a few men) playing what I'm guessing was Bridge. Oh to have that life of leisure - not that I'm a card guy.  Just the ability to do this as opposed to getting back into our cars and heading back to work.

Bill, who is currently single, looked in the room and mentioned there were a lot of attractive women in there, then stops, turns to me and says "not that you care".   I replied, almost without missing a beat, "well, I could go in and say 'any brothers like you at home?'".

I know the summer is ripe for travel for David, Bill and myself, but I am hoping we can find 2-3 times during the next few months to have lunch, dinner or breakfast.

Song by:  the Cardigans


Anonymous said...

Or you could say that a gay wing man is a straight man's best friend.

Anonymous said...

If you ever find that road you fear you and your sisters might end up on…let me know where it is! ;)

Jonny said...

Trust me, your Aunt's comment is spot on. There are many reasons why I moved away from Ohio and my siblings were 6 of them.

Anonymous said...

Well, Your company is certainly as fantastic as your taste in music. Nothing beats eating outside and catching up on whose dying, should die and make our lives easier, and of course, Every Maveric need a Goose or at least a Fairy God Uncle.

Ur-spo said...

ah, family.
But if it weren't for them I would be out of a job.