Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Secret of Marriage

I only blog once a day, so the big news of yesterday has come and gone and every blogger in the gay world has already commented on it - right?  What could I possibly say that hasn't been said?

Obama's statement on supporting gay marriage was inspiring and yet in ways predictable. Biden's time Meet the Press, to me, was a test balloon and it passed with flying colours - well, for the most part.  I've seen the West Wing, I know how these things work!

I will say, I did not really expect a four day turn-around from Biden to Obama, but hey I'm ok with that. My heart was full.

Naturally, you expect the Fox Newies of the world to have their take - and they did.  You knew the NOMs, and religious organizations were going to comment and probably could have written their statements for them, they are so predictable.

Almost as predictable were the homos who have nothing nice to say about Obama, as they think he should be on their timeline and be about their issues - everyone else be damned. Those are the folks that probably annoy me the most.

I've said it before - politics is a zero sum game. If you have power or on top of the issue, that means someone has lost those and DC is a town that retaliates.

As much as I like what Obama has come forward to say, there are those who crow if he had said it sooner, North Carolina's defeat might not have happened.  Bollocks.

Saying what he said, Obama put himself at political risk, but honestly I believe it to be minimal. By a narrow margin most of the U.S. population is ok with gay marriage, those who aren't were not going to vote for him in the first place.  Ok, that might not be true of the Latino and Black population, but I'm not sure they're swinging to Mittens over this issue.

And is it an issue?  He said he believed us gays should have the right to marry. He's not changing laws, but the Right won't portray it that way - like FOX saying he's declared a war on marriage.

I don't think it will hurt his re-election campaign and even if it does, it was correct thing to do. So, forget being the first black president, he'll be go down as the first one on record to support gay marriage.

Good for him.  Good for us.

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Cubby said...

"...every blogger in the gay world has already commented on it - right?"

Yes, but I was too busy yesterday to read any and I deleted them all, so you are pretty much it for me. This is the first commentary I've read about it.

Anonymous said...

Good for everyone.

BosGuy said...

We went out for a celebratory cocktail with friends. I think its a big deal and am very happy about his announcement too.

cb said...

Yup, Obama has decided to take definite sides on one of the only two wedge issues left in America (the other being abortion).

But gay is the new abortion, so....