Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shopping with Blobby

I have veered off the grocery store Shopping segments and this is no different.  Finding fun and funny food items isn't as wide-spread as it used to be.  Or it might be, but anymore I don't linger. I have my list, get in and get out.

Technically, this one isn't even 'shopping'.  This item was found during the renovation of our rooms. I have no idea where exactly these were located, they were just left behind in our fireplace.

Yes, in.  You read that correctly.

We've been here for almost seven years and never seen them, and we certainly didn't bring them with us, so lord knows how long it has been in this house or where it came from.

Trout Sox.

You can see, when I took the pics, I didn't even dust the package.  Totally disgusting.

But you can also see from the package, how one is supposed to wear these....besides dorkily, that is.

It is unfortunate that I am posting this here, because now all those closest to me will have seen it (if they don't skim.......and lordy, how they like to skim) then I can't really re-gift this to them in the future.

I will have to find another in which to inflict this horrible horrible present upon.

...or we can just leave them for the next owner of the house....whenever that may be.


Anonymous said...

My friends had a similar/hated item and decided to have fun with it. The game (everyone was in on it) was to pass it on to someone when they visited or vise versa. It had to be hidden (but not to well) and when discovered or sometimes revealed, it got passed on.

You could also take a page out of Spo's book and take a photo and then pass it around among your readers to take pics of themselves wearing them.

Erik Rubright said...

OMG! WANT! They would match the fish tie I have!

Not that I've worn the tie in a decade or so.

Seriously. If you ebay them, send me the link!