Friday, May 25, 2012

Rest of the Day Off

I'm not taking a day off of blogging - obviously, as you're reading this right now.

No, I am actually taking my first day off of the year, other than the mandatory New Year's Day.

I know, I'm a moron.  I get it.

Last year, I think I ended up losing 10 vacation days and I'm probably on track to do the same this year unless I can get it together.

710 and I have not even truly planned our vacation yet, but this weekend we will secure a week of a summer get away. Or two.  At worst, we will do our long week and then figure out 2-3 longer weekends to destinations yet unknown.

Of course, while I have the day off, I won't be lounging around.  Even though my hearing is mostly back to normal, save the constant ringing in my ear, I am seeing an otolaryngologist.  Naturally, I'm guessing they'll tell me nothing since whatever has probably cleared up enough that they won't be able tell me what was what.

I also get to get one of my favourite pairs of glasses fixed. I am finding it easier to sleep on planes, since I'm on them so much, but the other day I bent them. I looked like a dork the entire time I was at my meetings with my specs askew. I have to remember to start traveling with a back-up pair - I'm too blind to be without any visual correction.

I know, I'm exciting - right?

Song by: Neil Finn


Cubby said...

Thanks for the hearing update. I've been curious.

Birdie said...

I'm excited your hearing is coming back. I don't suppose you forgot about being near a percussive explosion, did you? That's how I came to gain two high-pitched sirens in my head 24/7, thanks to a lightning strike about 30 feet from our bedroom two years ago.

Don't forget to pack us when you go on vacation!

rebecca said...

I can say that word, since I worked for osu otolaryngology! Which I'm sure you remembered.

Anonymous said...

Glad the ear is better.

I got the Speak It app for my mom to use but she won't, however, I have found it handy in learning how to pronounce various medications and specialities, like otolaryngologist.

Anonymous said...

You must really LOVE your work!

Seriously - take more days off or I will stop reading your blog in protest. ;)