Thursday, May 03, 2012

Site of the Month

I'm iffy on this one - the site that is.

First off, I wasn't a huge fan of the Flintsones.  Secondly, I wasn't a fan at all of the late Dick Clark.

Personally, I thought Clark had better credibility on $10,000 Pyramid than he had on American Bandstand. He never seemed as hip as that rod that seemed to be up his ass.

So after he died, his house went on the market. It possibly went on the market before he took the big dirt nap, I'm not clear on that, nor do I really care either.

So Rebecca is the one who told me about the house for sale and even sent me the site. Maybe she came across this because she's looking for a house herself, but doubtful this is the domicile of her dreams.  ....or anyone's dreams who isn't named Fred, Wilma, Betty or Barney.  I'm not sure even Mr. Slate would dig it.

Here is Dick's house.

Allegedly "they" are asking $3.5MM.  That seems pricey for something that has an elephant dishwasher, a woolly mammoth vacuum cleaner and a place where Ann Margrock, Stony Curtis and Cary Granite probably won't show up for some shindig.

Still, what a f'ugly place.  I think I'd rather be six feet under than have to live here.  But that's just me.


Anonymous said...

I love the house but hate the decorations and the view ain't bad. I used to get my hair cut in a salon called The Cave because it resembled one - stalagmites and stalactites. No, they didn't wear loincloths.

anne marie in philly said...

OMG, no f-ing way would I live in THAT house! UGH!

Unknown said...

It just shows how old Dick really was!

Erik Rubright said...

LOL @ Greg's comment!

I think I would have went with a different color than sandstone. Maybe something like a bright raspberry.