Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Put Yourself in My Shoes

There is something about being a 40-something, isn't there? And it ain't all good.

My sister once said, you can tell the elderly when they start comparing their maladies. You can now count me in that group. You probably always could.

If it weren't one of my surgeries, then it was my time in physical therapy for my back. If it's not an injured shoulder, then it's my elbow. Oy.

I guess it would be no surprise to know that for the last month or so the outside of my right arch on my foot has been aching.

Is it all the walking I do to catch planes all the time? Is it the constant trips to the gym? Is it that they can't support all of my two tons of weight? All of the above?

Right now I am blaming my shoes, because that is easier than making and keeping an appointment with a podiatrist.

So I was at Blood Bath & Beyond and saw this nifty Dr. Scholls diagnostic machine thingy. And right there in the store, I went down to my es oh si que es (think about it!!!!) l and did the standing and electronic evaluating of my feet.

To be fair, I was more interested in getting a good picture (those are my actual feet graphically represented in that title image) than following the instructions just so. Lift right So many things to do, I couldn't be bothered. But really, what are the chances that Dr. Scholls is doing to tell me not to buy one of their $49.99 products and that they'd tell me that my feet are "fine"? Zero.

I was so confident in this assumption that I made asked Denton do it too. While he didn't get the exact same product suggestion, the price was still the same on the one they did choose for him. Shocking!

At some point, I probably will go to the doctor, because it is doubtful it will go away on its own. And spinning has been some of the most painful to do. Frick - and with outdoor biking season right around the corner.

So I didn't help stimulate the economy with a purchase from the good Dr. S, but I did go out and splurge on a new pair of New Balance shoes.

Black and grey are different for me. And the black is shiny!!!! I'm usually a guy who has white cross-trainers, though my spin/bike shoes are not. I'd love to go with the Modern Family quote of "if it ain't white, it ain't right" - but taken out of context, as it was in the show, it just comes across badly - doesn't it?

The shoes seem comfortable and they are my first pair in two years. The other ones had to go. Well...they're not gone. I'll wear them to cut the lawn and get grass stains on them. But their soles were separating from the bottom of the shoe and they stopped supporting me a while back. So maybe new shoes are the key to recovery.

And for inquiring minds: they are size 11.

You know what they say about big feet. ............big shoes.

Song by: Clint Black


AJohnP said...

How funny! My newest pair of sneakers are black and gray as well....which is a HUGE step away from my typical choice. (white)
Keep us posted...I bet they'll make your feet feel a lot better!

brian said...

The "Modern Family" quote can be problematic...It still made my day!

Cubby said...

Nothing says "old fart" like New Balance shoes. Check this out:

Don't let your nieces and nephews see you wearing them.

Anonymous said...

As important as it is to have stylish running shoes, I thought I'd share some info with you.

First, running shoes come in different types of support for how you walk/run - pronate, over pronate and normal. This will make a huge difference but you can usually have to go to a running store for accurate help and info.

Second, the cushioning ability of running shoes is good for a limited time. The more you wear/run them the shorter their life but even if you just let them sit in the closet or under the bed, they should be replaced within two years.

A Lewis said...

And BIG socks, too. I've been left with a mediocre 9 1/2 or 10 (depending on if I like to be seen as having bigger feet or not). And I just saw those machines the other day -- but it wasn't at BB&B....where was it? I can't remember......but now I want to try it out!

Jonny said...

Ohhh. Are you going to buy a pair of kicky Dr. Scholl's sandals with the wooden sole? You know, for running errands, grabbing a double whip vanilla machiatto with the girls and the like?

Blobby said...

Brian, I almost didn't put it in bc I knew you would comment.

Jon - why would I need a 2nd pair of those. My first pair are just fine!

Morty said...

New Balance are great for running and foot support quality. If you're worried about catering to the younger crowd buy eff-ing flip flops and deal with caved-in arches. Sean knows the drill - go to a running store and have an expert look at your feet and get you in the best shoes.

Ur-spo said...

blood bath and beyond ?
this was my only laugh for the day - thank you !

anne marie in philly said...

the hell with the shoes, I am looking at the furry legs - YUM!

tornwordo said...

Many years ago, I had foot pain and the podiatrist fixed me up and gave (sold) me little plastic inserts for my shoes. I bought three sets for about $50 (for all 3) This was probably 17 or so years ago. I have never had foot pain again, and obviously I don't own flip flops.

Beartoast said...

I need footwork, myself. And mine are bigger than yours!

Anonymous said...

You have big feet for a cameraman, Billy...