Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Has the Whole World Lost its Head

Remember this image? I know you do.

Remember me going to the doc who was a complete asshole? You might. You might not.

I'm not really sure if I told you I got a phone message saying "your biopsy was negative". The problem-o was, at least for me, was they didn't say what it was negative for. So it was just a continuation of an already great appointment {not}.

I finally saw my own personal doc last week, and while at that visit, got the full results. I am not breaking HIPAA if I am the one to tell you this.

Not that it will mean anything to you. It means nothing to me. It just amused me. For as much as I know, or think I know, about medical hoo-hah, and jargon, this proves I know nothing.

Multiple deeper sections were examined. There is extensive suppurative
inflammation, bacterial colonization, and fibrin crust within a
parakeratotic stratum corneum. The underlying epidermis displays mild
acanthosis. In the dermis, there is solar elastosis, a superficial dermal
scar and mild perivascular inflammatory infiltrate. In summary, the
histologic features would be compatible with a secondarily impetiginized
and excoriated spongiotic dermatitis. Folliculitis is not identified.
Malignancy is not identified. Clinical correlation is recommended.


I get the 'folliculitis' part. Hell, I told Dr. Stupid it wasn't that. And I know the words 'inflammation', 'mild', 'scar' and 'epidermis'. ...and that's about where it ends.

My doc read the pathology report and and assured me all looked ok. He even checked out the area. I do admit, it has healed nicely - finally.

It took quite a long time, but I'm back to my bumpy, smooth, old self. .....for now.

So, how's my head? complaints yet.

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AJohnP said...

Good news...and I STILL haven't had the chance to use that joke. I'm forever ready...and waiting.

Morty said...

Hey, AJohnP - how's your head?

A Lewis said...

Colonization??!! You have colonization on your head? Oh my god.

Greg said...

So . . . you either have dandruff or Timmy fell down a well. Right?

Ur-spo said...

After a lifetime of reading 'medical' I too can assure this is all medical mumbo-jumbo for a 'bump on the head' and nothing more.
Goodness gracious we just say that in a report.
As to how is your head, well I haven't heard anyone complain about it.