Monday, March 28, 2011

My Music Monday

Yes, it's that time of the week. The one where I get to bore you with my thoughts and opinions. Oh wait....that is every day! Yet you come back for more.

I've been a bit heavy on the female and country-ish artists lately, so I'll change it up a bit. I try to give you something new and not stuff you might have normally heard of - or seen.

Today's selection: Black.

A little known band from England - at least I think they are. Especially on this side of the pond.

I stumbled upon the cd in a used record store back in 1987. I have no idea what got me to purchase it other than its $0.99 sent price. I probably figured: what do I have to lose?

It turns out - nothing.

The disk was decent. Not stellar, but certainly worth a buck. It contained 3 or 4 good songs, ones that I still play today.

The song today is "Wonderful Life". Not that sappy crappy movie (yes, I know that some of you are thinking 'sacrilege', but the movie grates on every nerve I have, as does Jimmy Stewart for the most part), but a simply constructed pop song.

I do love how Wikipedia says: "Wonderful Life", was a massive hit worldwide.

In what world was this? It barely made the top 10 in the UK - and it had been reissued like three times before it did that well.

Anyways, the video is nicely done. Some good images but still simple. And it is in black and white, so you know that automatically makes it artier and fartier.


Jonny said...

Heavens...that brings back a lot of memories...

david said...

Beautiful video, if I shut my eyes I hear Morrissey.

SteveA said...

I actually played this song tonight whilst having dinner - it's one of those songs which remind me of my days in college!