Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm not an SNL watcher - not real time. It's way past my beddie-bye time. Oh - and it's usually JUST NOT FUNNY.

At best, I watch a Hulu clip or two and even then, it's only now and again.

So since Kristen Wiig is one of the only funny folks on that show, she usually does better than others in success percentage, like this political ad on Christine O'Donnell, tea-bagger candidate for Delaware. No doubt you've heard of her over the last few weeks.

No doubt you've seen this clip before you got to this blog. Hey! I had other things in the line-up so this is what you get today. It was this or Sesame Street's Grover doing his 'smell like a monster" clip - which is cute or French & Saunders doing a Bjork parody.

By the way, I love French & Saunders. Doing stuff way before and after AbFab. They do a great take on Shakespear's Sister video - if you a.) know who Shakespear's Sister is. b.) are familiar with their 'Stay' video.

But I'm going with SNL, but clearly I have given you some links to look up random videos.

Song by: Sarah Vaughn


Breenlantern said...

Love this clip. If you have never see F&S's parody of Mam Mia (Part I and II)you have missed one of the funnies things I have ever seen.

Cubby said...

I agree Kristen Wig is the most talented person on SNL nowadays. I like all her characters, except for GILLY. That may be the unfunniest character ever. Too bad that character ruined what could have been a spectacular Glee parody skit.

For the O'Donnell skit, I thought the best part was the notice at the bottom: "Paid for by the coven..."

Birdie said...

This is great, of course, but people need also to link to Grover's ad. To really appreciate it, you have to have seen the Old Spice ad, which is pretty awesome all by itself.

Brettcajun said...

This was a funny video. :) Thanks for sharing.

Next time, edit your width dimension of your video so it can fit properly on your blog. You can do that in your blogger template.

Birdie said...

I edit mine to 400 wide and 340 high to fit.