Saturday, October 09, 2010

Try Not to Breathe

No worries Mr. Stipe, I don't have to try at all. It's just not happening.

Well it is, as clearly since I'm alive and writing this, but now you can call me Mr. Mouth Breather.

We only had Benadryl in the house, so Thursday night I took it, but it's not a decongestant. It did dry out my mouth and eyeballs, but only a little of my nose.

Last night I had the fiancé bring home something to break up the snot. He stopped by the drugstore on the way home and got me some pseudoephedrine.

As Edna Turnblad (the real one, not the John Ravolta one) says: "It's the times, they are a-changing, something's blowing in the fetch me my diet pills."

Poor Denton had to show his driver's license and sign some papers to get it. Because as most some of you know, sudafed is a key ingredient when making methamphetamine......which we're totally not doing! Though two middle-aged white men would probably be the perfect cover for running a lab, who has the time? I did very poorly in chemistry anyways.

I'm not saying I have ever done meth or not, but I do like to follow Dr. Leo Spaceman's line of questioning if ever consider it: "how important is tooth retention to you?".

Pretty important.

As it is, the cold is now seemingly moving towards the chest. Yay! But that is the progression of things, no? It will be a night or two of coughing when I'm horizontal, keeping Denton and the neighbors up - and they live quite aways away.....and the windows are closed.

No gym for me today. I can't do it....physically or to infect anyone else (that's what movie theatres are for). I've been outdoors walking. It's kind of a different routine and I like it.

Well, gotta go take some meth......ummmm....I mean sudafed.

Song by: R.E.M


Birdie said...

'Tis the season. It starts with children up to age 8, whose hygiene is less than sterling. They bring home the colds to the family, who share it at work. And the cycle continues.

I work in an office imbedded in a weekday preschool, and I see little ones parading by all the time. They're cute as can be, but when they sneeze or cough they either don't cover at all or do it into hands that handle everything. There is no escape, but there is a good delaying tactic: wash your hands.

Vic Mansfield said...

Sudafed has always been the one that works best for me. . . . when I can find it.

Used to be you had to ask the pharmacist for condoms. Now it's Sudafed.


tornwordo said...

Hate sudafed. Makes my scalp itch and I can feel the meth relative in it. Yes, I've done meth, but that was when I had my young invincible body, lol.