Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Say That Again

Becky made a comment on my blog yesterday from a post from almost a week ago. That's not really too bad, in length of time, considering she only reads my blog when forced to go there when we, as an email group, reference something about said blog, and she's left out of the loop temporarily.

Anyhooo - it was the post about me being called a 'fag' and she actually did point out that, "couldn't you find that KitH skit to go with this?"

And you know what - I totally meant to attach one with it.....and then totally forgot. ....and since I was traveling the last two days, I really don't have anything set-up to post, so you get the after thought.

Song by: Crowded House


rebecca said...

I love the 3rd iteration, personally.
It's so declarative.


cb said...

The funny thing... he's SO not a bear.