Saturday, October 02, 2010


It is hard to believe that it is October already.

We're 10 months into the year already. How the fuck did that happen? It all goes by so quickly.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

I'm 22 months into a blog entry per day. One day I had two ! I'm 10 months into my job and in that time I've taken two days off. Two.

How the fuck did that happen??

I seriously need a week off, but like I've said in earlier posts, that isn't happening until maybe the last week of this month. Maybe not until November. Ugh.

It is the month of birthdays. Many of my friends have their big day this month. It's also Halloween, and while we never get the kids, I already have posts planned in my head. Yayy you.

I do love the weather though. Slightly cooler. Less humid. Lovely colours. But it does signal winter, which I have come to loathe.

I am the administrator for our 'hood listserve/email thingy hoo-ha. Someone asked me to send out a message for snow plow services. Ugh....I'm not ready for that. The same week, we had our snow blower taken in for servicing so it is up and running for the snow - which in theory, could start this month. October. Snow.

the Farmer's Almanac says: Winter will be colder than normal, with the coldest periods in late December, mid- and late January, and mid- and late February. Snowfall and precipitation will be near or slightly above normal in New York and below normal elsewhere. The snowiest periods will be in mid-December, January, and mid-February.

I really don't care about how much snow we do or don't get. I'm not thrilled with the colder than normal shit. But maybe 'colder than normal' isn't the same as 'colder than last year' - which was almost unbearable last year and went on for frickin ever.

One shouldn't get ahead of oneself though. I shouldn't live in Winter any sooner than I have to.
I'll just shut up now.

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Cubby said...

"...we never get the kids..." Why do you suppose that is? We've noticed the number of kids coming to our door has gone way down in the six years we've lived here. Do kids just not care about free candy anymore? Are parents too lazy to spend 2 hours toting their spawn around? What's going on?

Anonymous said...

Cubby, I think it is all of the above. When WE were kids, Halloween was special...but now they get whatever they want, whenever they want it...

Blobby: great post, great blog! Indeed, time moves very fast...


Ur-spo said...

In our neighborhood we try our best to keep the fesitivity of Hallowe'en alive and well. I love it so.

cb said...

Yup. October. AKA "winter" here in Minneapolis.