Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple People

GLAAD is doing this thing today for folks to wear purple to, and I quote: show your support for the teens who took their lives because of anti-LGBT bullying.

As you know, I'm all for supporting the the stopping of bullying, but it seems to me that GLAAD could use someone to help them construct a proper sentence.

I don't really think wearing purple will do much of anything. It's like when (and maybe they still do it) for National Coming Out Day, to wear - get this - jeans (!!!) to support gay people. All of the sudden 83% of student at The Ohio State University seemingly happened to suddenly support gay folk coming out. Uhhhhhh-huhhhhhh!

In theory, if teens didn't want to be bullied, not wearing purple is probably a good start.

Hey - I'm just saying.

But I get that it is about you being you and not backing down to the jeers that insecure straight teens give off to those that are not just like them. Those straight guys are just dicks, and deep down they know it.

Me? I'm pretty comfortable wearing purple and I own a number of dress shirts in that colour, so I'm good. And at least this day, I'd say, gives me a reason to wear one, but I don't need a reason.

However, if you remember from months back, I had a few custom made shirts created for me - one being an eggplant colour with white pin stripes. It's such a nice shirt, I'm embarrassed to say I've been afraid to wear it, not because I'd be bullied, but because I think it's too nice. But today I am donning for the cause and for the blog.

Denton looked at me in the shirt this morning and said, 'you look like a French dandy......we'll you are a French dandy!' Who needs to go outdoors to get bullied?? Sheesh.

Anyway, you get the test shot of me in the shirt. The actual shots with it buttoned up - my face looked horrible. I do not recommend taking pictures right out of bed with puffy pillow face.

Song by: Tori Amos


Cubby said...

Very cool. I hope we all make an impact today, especially when we are out and about at lunchtime and dinnertime.

Too bad the at-risk gay teens who need to see us will be locked away in their classrooms.

Jonny said...

And when was this whole purple shirt thingie announced....Midnight last night? GLAAD needs a better PR department. I found out about it this a.m., after I was dressed and leaving for work. Ruckiry (not my boss) I wear a Barney thong everyday, so I feel like I'm doing my part. Oh...and to be's a Barney Frank thong.

Birdie said...

This can be your new profile pic.

Yeah, I'm in purple, but it will only mean anything to those doing the same thing, I think. Nevertheless, it's a good thing to see others doing it too.

Blobby said...

So Jon - you've upgraded from your Barney Rubble one?

A Lewis said...

Purple has never looked so good.

anne marie in philly said...

ummmmmmmmm, me likey the handsome guy in purple!

Jonny said...

Oh AGES ago...I went from Rubble to Fife before jamming my big business into Frank.

rebecca said...

this blog has just become a forum for your cheesecake shots, hasn't it?