Sunday, October 17, 2010

You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son

I'm way proud of my friend Morty.

Oh, there are many reasons of course (one being that, it's now been 18 years, to the day, that he took me to the Emergency Department before my appendix ruptured), and it was his birthday yesterday.

I'm not sure we care all that much about birthdays, per se - but he attributes his life to his mother (and dad) and he shares a birthday with his mother. The date, not the year.....obviously.

His parents anniversary is on my birthday. They gave him life, Morty saved mine......blah blah's all very intertwined.

But I love the fact that today Morty is running his umpteenth marathon. While it is an incredible feet feat, it's not nearly as good as the 5k he ran yesterday......with his father.

It was his father's first 5k and get this.........he won his age group. Yes, it was the over 70 category, but who the frick cares about that? I love he actually ran and participated. I love he did it with his son. I absolutely love that he won.

I think it was a great birthday present, not only for Morty, but for his mother too.

Good luck in the marathon, Morty. Too bad your not a Kenyan.....or your father.

Song by: Wolf Parade


Morty said...

I am so touched by this - so very sweet of you. This is the strawberry icing on my funfetti cake of a weekend.

Ur-spo said...

a lovely tale; thank you for sharing this today.

rebecca said...

when did morty save your life?