Sunday, October 03, 2010

Mood Swinging Man

I am Mr. KrankyPants today. And part of yesterday.

Maybe it was the 24 hours of continual rain. Maybe it is the fact I'll be gone most of this upcoming week. Maybe it's because I've got a major work deadline looming during the week I have to (yes, have to) travel.

Most likely it's the culmination of these things.

I'm not really in the mood to blog. I'm not in the mood to do much. I know I should log into work email (yes, on a Sunday) to see what atrocities await me. I cannot wrap my head around that right now.

And I still have my EDL stuff to do. And my sister-in-law and daughter are coming to stay with us of the afternoon and night, so I gotta snap out of it. I just do not know how.

I hate being me.

Song by: the Finn Brothers


Cubby said...

A lot of bloggers are doing the 30-Day Challenge. I'm sure you've seen it on other blogs. You should consider doing it.

It relieves the blogger of his duty to be creative, and basically puts a blog on autopilot (since coming up with a topic is the hardest part of blogging). I think autopilot may be a good thing for you for a while, during this super-busy period you're in.

tornwordo said...

You can't have the days full of elation without the funky days. That's what I remind myself when I feel like the MEAN MAN.

anne marie in philly said...

{{{{{hugs}}}}} and that cartoon is totes you!

PS - word is "biturs"; fits this post, eh?

Birdie said...

Ups and downs. We'll wait for that big toothy grin to return. :D