Saturday, October 16, 2010

Set the Fire to the Third Bar

I got talked into going to another G2H2 last night. I think I'm like 0 for 6 in having a great time at these things. Or even a good one.

It wasn't horrible, but it just seemed more of the same. Mostly clique-y kind of groups who don't really talk to anyone but themselves..........kind of like regular gay bars.

Once again, no taking over a straight bar. No, the sign on the door said 'closed for private party'.....completely keeping any straight people out and once again, giving gay bucks to a straight establishment who segregates us.

We're a proud people! {sarcasm!}

I love how the place had two TVs. One plaed Fox News. The other? NASCAR. Oh, how they know their audience. Shoot and SCORE! {sarcasm!}

I was abandoned shortly after going with a co-worker and was about to leave after finishing my one beer. And then a guy came over and introduced himself. ...not in a creepy way.

He was a nice guy. His name was Ahmed. He was alone, abandoned as well. He thought that neither of us should just be standing around. He was actually fun and funny to talk to. He then made me do one walk-around with him and thought we should talk to just anyone. I wasn't sure about that last part.

Ahmed mentioned to me that he was mid-eastern. He actually laughed when I blurted out in mock surprise: "Nooooooooo!" I guess it could have gone either way, but he got it.

Ahmed talked to a few folks and introduced me, whom I promptly forgot. Then we ran into my spin instructor, Andy. I guess that whole gay/not gay question has been answered.

He had way cool glasses on. He mentioned he liked mine and then I realized he's never seen me in glasses. I always wear contacts when I workout. Andy always wears glasses, but these were new and way cool.

We've never had a discussion on our outage, but now it is out there, so that is kind of cool. He's a nice guy.

One beer. One new introduction. One car ride home. This morning I spin.

Song by: Snow Patrol w/Martha Wainwright


Birdie said...

You get serious points for just going. Me? Not a chance. And how cool is it that you saw Andy there?

Greg said...

Gay bars are kinda clique-y these days. Fox News? Seriously?

Oh, and like the Snow Patrol reference.

Ur-spo said...

nice story, this.