Monday, October 25, 2010

Green Grass

If you remember, a month ago - maybe a month and a half - I blogged about the sprinkler system we were putting in. Mostly the idea was for it to do the plants, but no reason if we were shelling out the bucks, not to do the yard.

Our lawn has always been iffy and this last summer just ruined it.

We have, what we call a courtyard, which gets little sun, so growing grass as always been a challenge. I even wrote that the below picture wasn't indicative of our bad summer. It is just the way this part of the lawn has been progressing over the last few years.

Yes, the summer made it slightly worse, but not by much. I was ok with bricking it in for a great outdoor entertaining space, but we're trying for yard least one more time. Looking at this above picture, I wasn't holding out for much hope.


...three to four weeks after thatching, dropping down grass seed, and well, using the sprinkler system on a regular basis, things are looking up.

For full disclosure, it looks better from this angle than standing right on top of it, but you saw it from this angle in the top image. So, we are getting there.

No, we realize we are not there yet. But next year, I think we'll see incredible results. I wish I had taken pictures of the front lawn. Part of it looks like green carpet - it's really coming rebounded - except for under one tree. That we might mulch around and forget trying to grow grass there.

I'm cautiously optimistic.

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Cubby said...

I think it looks great and I'm looking forward to a big blogger open house next summer... hint hint.

AJohnP said...

JEALOUS!!! It looks fantastic.

brian said...

When I was a teenager,my parents left me to babysit.Our system was on a timer.It would not turn off,even when I tried manually.The neighbors phoned,I tried to reach my parents,to no avail.
When the city sent a crew the next day,my lawn looked like the Our Gang cake baking episode.
Good luck with your new system!

Birdie said...

I want a yard filled with indigenous plants that require no care at all from me, because otherwise they will die. I have the Black Thumb of Death when it comes to plants. All I require of my yard is to provide room for a driveway and sidewalk.