Monday, May 25, 2009

Memory in the Making

I just love someecards.

I have no feeling for Memorial Day per se, other than it's my first absolutely scheduled day off since January 1. So for that I'm psyched.

Yes, folks in the healthcare industry rarely get off on MLK, President's Day, etc. Don't even get me started on Columbus or Veteran's Day. Damn sick people!

I mean, I guess back in the day for people who died fighting for freedom are to be honored is a noble thing. I have nothing against that, but let's face it - between Shrub and his father and their fake-ish wars, they've kind of cheapened what freedom is and how we go about achieving it. Atrocities just as big are happening in other parts of the world, but well......they have nothing we want, so we can't be bothered.

As for our 'black president', I have seen this rising ire from the gay community on what he is or isn't doing for us. Of course, that's assuming we all want the same thing. But those speaking out assume we do and yet I don't remember officially being asked by anyone.

Whether I want to get married is irrelevant. Yes, it should be a right, whether we opt to take up those vows after/when it's legal. But Obama pretty much made it clear what his stance on same-sex marriage is prior to the election. So if you voted for him and are bent out of shape on his inaction - suck it up.

DADT (and to a degree, DOMA) is another matter, as he implied it would be changed. But for g-d's sake, give the man a break. Yes, it's not done yet and who knows when or if it will be. Between a crappy economy, record foreclosures and unemployment (and all the things that go along with that), and a supreme court nominee to get through Congress - all within the first four months, I think he is ok in working with his timeline. Not necessarily "ours".

I believe change will come - sooner rather than later. Clearly it is not soon enough for some. With social change like this, I'm a patient man - go figure. I want it done right and without the potential for backlash. I keep thinking some of these outspoken folks have good intentions, but sometimes come across acting like Veruca Salt (the character, not the band).

All I'm saying is give the man a break. Or at least give him a chance. It's only been 120 days.

There are still worse things out there - like Dick Cheney.

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I agree completely.