Friday, May 01, 2009

Site of the Month

I'm going against my own self-imposed rule of not posting a Site of the Month too early in the month. Is the first too early? Probably.

But like a fool, I've been holding onto this site for about a month too long - and now everyone and their brother has it posted. I feel like I'm jumping on the bandwagon - which I'm totally not! You make one simple blog rule-of-thumb to follow and it comes back to bite you in the ass!

And while I have an iPhone - see above - you will not be seeing me at Guys With iPhones.

I should mention - before clicking on that hyperlink, that it is totally NSFW. TOTALLY. NOT.

And if you're not Fairview Sue and yet, still a woman - it might not be suitable at all. Ever.

I won't lie, some of the pics are not bad - and some are even inventive. In the best of times, with multiple takes, I can't get a good picture of myself - let alone nekkid and with the iPhone camera. Someone who operates this site has to be taking the best of the best submissions.

I have to say - you see what you want to when going to a site like GwiP. The first time through (yes, I've been several what?), I assumed all there were nude. Not true. Not true. Many were clothed or partially clothed. Somehow I missed those guys at first pass. Go figure.

But since this site has been done to death in the blogosphere, for a limited time only, I'll give you a second SotM at no additional cost. If you act now.

Yes, people, we have Hot Prison Pals. When eHarmony just won't do, (btw.....whomever signed me up for JDate - very funny! NOT!) you can find yourself a hot incarcerated man. Mind you, "hot" is all relative, though their not all heinous.

I did click on a few to see what they write and it's quite amusing actually. First, I was taken on how many never actually specified they wanted a woman. Maybe they never assumed guys would be looking at this site. Maybe they don't care. Maybe prison has changed their mind. I've seen Oz!

Or maybe they're just that lonely, that they need some kind of outside contact.

It's not NSFW, but you still might want to wait until you're in the privacy of your own home before going to Prison!

Please note: I do have shorts on in my picture. Most on GwiP do not. Though I might cop to going commando under those shorts.

Oh - and how about that rockin' gym bod? Ok Ok......give me another 6 mos...then maybe......


Breenlantern said...

Um...we don't need to go to "guys with iPhones" to see pics of sexy guys with their iPhones...we can stay right here! *refraining from making even more inappropriate comments about your hotty self-pic because I don't know who reads your blog and I don't want to offend anyone or embarrass you*

Anonymous said...

Nice phone!

Morty said...

You're smokin', Blob - lookin' good!

A Lewis said...

Alright now, for some reason I have not been getting your feeds on new posts delivered into my Google Reader which is why I haven't been around your site lately -- I thought you'd just stopped posting for a while. Damn it. Now I'm going to have to see why the problem.... And, damn it, you are one hell of a hot man.

Curtis said...

Looking hot!

Blobby said...

Thanks. Don't feel like i'm looking hot or smokin'. my comment on 'rockin' gym bod' was mean very tongue-in-cheek.

But hey - I'll take the compliments!

jonny said...

Looks like it was cold in there. Honestly shoog, you're lookin' good! Why didn't I know you got the girly white iPhone? Sigh....girly or no, everyone's got a frakkin' iPhone but ME!

Birdie said...

Smile, dammit. You do look mighty fine, though. I'll take your word about those other guys.

I'll get an iPhone when they offer it without AT&T. It's been hard waiting all this time. Meanwhile, my BlackBerry isn't bad.

tornwordo said...

I definitely see progress. I need to get serious about the working out, but I promised I'd have a year of no smoking under my belt first. Two months to go.

anne marie in philly said...

well, I am a woman, and I am mos def NOT offended! it's suitable for ME!

such hunks of manhood..woof woof!

(fans herself vigorously)

thanks for the link, blobby!