Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The French Mistake

Poor Dom DeLuise. Dead.

He'll be missed - not that he's really been seen in the last decade. At least not by me. Unless of course, I'm watching Blazing Saddles - which can be a frequent occurrence.

It is such a great movie and so could not be done now-a-days. I think it was my first R-rated movie. My mother would have said 'no', so of course I went to my father who was clueless about these things and gave me his permission.

Naturally, it was the bean/fart scene that had 12 year olds just rolling in the aisles - me being one of them. There were so many other jokes that were so much funnier, but you needed some age and wisdom behind you to catch on. It's not like the entire movie isn't quotable. My man-date, Scott, and I do it all the time.

Of course, I distinctly remember the entire two minutes or so "Buddy" was in the movie - right near the end. It's still funny when he says, "watch. me. faggots!" Like I said, I'm not sure they could pull off some of this shit anymore.

Enjoy the clip.

Song by: a bunch of Sissy Marys.


tornwordo said...

Great clip, thanks. And that is sad about Dom, I didn't know yet.

Kris said...

"They said you was hung!"

rebecca said...

Sounds like steam escaping!

I couldn't find the clip where Chris Farley plays Dom on the Johnny Carson show and pees his pants.

I'm parked over by the commissary!