Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Can't Wait

Normally, I don't take pictures at the gym....mainly because normally I don't have my iPhone in the gym. I have a Nano for my music while working out. But on Sunday, I forgot the Nano - and if I'm spending 30-45 minutes on the elliptical, I need a musical distraction. So I actually used my iPhone.

What sucks is, the shorts I was wearing had no pockets and I have no arm strap for the device, so I had to hold it for all my work out. Very difficult to do.

But since I had it, I thought I'd snap a few shots....if nothing else, to prove I do go to a gym.

Here I is, in the Big Boy Weight Room - which I've just started to get the nerve to go back into. Normally, I'm on the Nautilus equipment, but I'm trying to be a man. TRYING! (menwithiphones.com - I'm still waiting for my big debut!)

This is kinda sad. These are my new cross-training shoes. My first new pair. It's not that I've gone to the gym barefoot (except at yoga), it's that I've been cheap and have just gotten hand-me-down shoes from the BF and my 16 year old nephew!!!!

I'm not really cheap - not really. I'm just a bit pathetic. Oh - and I loathe shopping. The used shoes never really fit, but then until a few months ago, I never truly wore them for work-out, just bike rides and to cut the lawn.

And though my purchase didn't provide the title of the post, I went with a round-about means, since the group name did.

No, the above image is not an illusion. Nor is it trick photography. With those above hairy legs (and new shoes), I can push out 260 pounds. Probably 280, but I'm not trying to hurt myself.

Today is day two of yoga. And I'm doing it over lunch. But with out shoes.

Song by: Nu Shooz


Birdie said...

Is that the closest we're going to get to a smile?

Nice shooz!

Anonymous said...

how could i, of all sites that exist out in cyberspace, end up on a gay guy's blog when looking up gym pictures to quell my nervousness associated with my first trip to the gym tomorrow to meet up with a personal trainer? this must be a sign, or a confirmation that i too am gay. i am drawn to the team one way or another ...

thanks for the pictures. now i know how nice of hairy legs do go to the gym (nice calves btw); and if you slipped out the camera, i am sure you have taken other pictures as well so spread 'em!