Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm so on track for making the quest of one movie per month this year. I know it seems like a small goal - but so far, it is one that has not been achievable.

I guess it's really an average of one movie per month, considering we've seen three this month alone and I'm still falling one short year to date. But with Harry Potter and Julie & Julia on the way, I should make it.

Yesterday we saw Up. In 3D, no less.

Except for Honey, I Blew Up the Kids down at Animal Kingdom, I'm not sure I've ever seen a three dimensional movie.

Aren't the glasses fabu? Aren't I? I look so very European.

For all of Pixar's releases, we've made most of them on their opening weekend. Up has gotten rave reviews. And maybe it works on multiple levels, but I have to say, I didn't see it from a kid's perspective. I found it to be extremely kid-unfriendly for the first two-thirds. VERY.

Much like Wall-E, the first half-hour is a poignant movie on its own, but obviously goes on longer and with other or extended story lines. But still, I wondered (aloud) why the kids in the audience weren't in tears or scared. Again, Disney is the master of making movies work on multiple levels, so maybe I can't see it through a child's eyes.

The story is ok, but it didn't WOW me. As always, the visuals were great - though I can't say the scenery shots were better than Cars or the Incredibles. Those were outstanding. Some of the 3D stuff was good, but I'm not sure the movie wouldn't have worked without it. Visuals have always been Pixar's strong suit, so I'm not sure that 3D is necessary.

Up is a decent 90 minute or so flick. I wouldn't say you need to rush out to see it, but it's something to do on an uneventful afternoon.

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rebecca said...

Great. Just about to take the kids!

Jonny said...

Wow, Swifty, you look great!